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Special thanks to Chuck "Wood Chuck" Bernard for the wood sculpture of my family's crest.

You may notice the flag of the Acadian people is in the background.

I am a descendant of the first settlers of the "New World". 

This region was called Arcadia, a land of bounty and prosperity.

Since the dispersion of the Acadians in 1755 we have become one of the most widely spread peoples in the world.

You can contact us by clicking here   Dieppe, New Brunswick,  Canada

This page is intended to ease us into the internet world.  We have included links to other web pages that feature some of our main interests.  Have fun... 

Here are a few links that you may find interesting.


JM's Artwork Photo Album Judy's Artwork Photo Album Sonia Menna Barreto's Artwork website



Hal: our Golden Retriever

ROCKPORT A nice place to relax.
(Thanks to Paul and Elsie Nowlan for the pictures of Rockport NB.)

My tribute to STAR WARS: Do It Yourself R2D2
I decided to build my very own R2D2 replica and, yes, I really am just a big kid who makes money so that he can play with toys.

Dale Bryant's independant GFA Basic for windows Website/Helpsite
Dale has been programming for years and built quite an impressive website to let programmers help programmers.

GFA Banner

Here is a website where you can find 3D software. I got into 3D a few years back and this proved to be a good place to find usefull information.
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