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Welcome to Jean-Marie Melanson's Webpage...

This page is intended to ease me into the internet world.  
I have included links to other web pages that feature some 
of my main interests.  Have fun...  
Special thanks to Chuck "Wood Chuck" Bernard for the wood 
sculpture of my family's crest and Paul and Elsie Nowlan for 
the pictures of Rockport NB.

This page has been visited times. But who's counting?

Click on the text below to link to other web pages of mine...

ROCKPORT...: A nice place to relax...
R2D2 PROJECT....: (I decided to build my very own R2D2 replica...)
Hal: our Golden Retriever...: (This is for you, LP)
My Newest Webpage...: (Looks like a note book.)

Jean-Marie Melanson
Dieppe, NB